• 1.Can Not Turn on

    Make sure the battery have power.
    Try turning on the device when charging.


  • 2.Can Not Fire

    Clean the tank/pod/auto sensor and the device.
    Change other pods/tanks or coils.


  • 3.Leaking

    Make sure the coil is correctly installed.
    Change other coils or pods to have a try.


  • 4.Can Not Charge

    Clean the charging port and the cable.
    Change other batteries and the charging cable.
    Charge the device for at least 2 hours if it hasn’t been used for a long time.


  • 5.Lower Power/Auto-turn off/Check Battery

    It is recommend to use high - rate battery, with discharge current > 30A or higher drain battery.
    Please use the coil with higher resistance to see if have same issue.
    If above problem still exists, please contact us by email:


  • 6.Check Atomizer

    Please clean the MOD/Pod/Cartridge electrode/510 connector and check if the pin in the MOD is flexible.
    Please clean E-juice or condensate inside the auto sensor/MOD/Tank.
    Do not screw the MOD 510 connector tightly. Please rotate the Pod 180 degrees or change other coils/pods/tanks to try.


  • 7.Burning Smell

    When using the new coil, fill e-liquid to completely soak the coil and let it sit for 5 minutes at least before vaping .
    Make sure to use the coil within wattage range.
    Change a new coil if it has been used for a long time


  • 8.Button Problem

    Press the button harder and make sure the device is unlocked.
    Restart the device and then press the buttons again.


  • 9.Resistance Reading Error

    Change other coils/pods/tanks.
    Make sure the coil is Voopoo product.


  • 10.Can Not Upgrade

    Make sure the cable is original and the system of your computer is Windows.
    Try the type-c cable with both the upside and downside.
    Make sure the battery of your device is over 60%.






  • Warranty Period


    Within 90 days from the date of purchase shown on your invoice, or from the date of production if no invoice for reference.


    Atomizer/atomizer coil/Drip are consumable products what are not within the scope of warranty once it is depleted. If there is quality issue when receiving the goods, please return without filling oil.


  • Disclaimer

    Artificial damage and problems caused by misuse are not covered by warranty.

    Any hardware cracking, modification is at your own risk, it will void warranty.


  • After-sales Support

    • Please visit FAQ page for self-service to solve your problem quickly .

    • If your problem is not listed in FAQ or it is not resolved after you operated as FAQ guidance, you have two choices to settle the problem:

    A. Please go to the shop where you bought it for a quick solution.

    B. Please send emails to to seek help from VOOPOO after-sales service team with the following information:
    1.Copy of purchase proof or receipt, which must include the purchase date.
    2.Photos of the Serial Number and the Security Code.
    3.Videos or photos to clearly show the problem of your device.

    Shipping Fee:
    If your item is within warranty, the shipping cost of the replacement will be covered by us.
    If your item is not within warranty, you will cover all the costs of the shipping and repairing fee.


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